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Solutions for the Education Sector

Digitization of student and teaching staff documents

Over time, the education sector has improved its systems to control the documentation of students and teaching staff, but most institutions, whether Public or Private, still store it in the traditional way in drawers or archivists.

Document management can be much more organized and optimized if you work hand in hand with technology. Some of the documentary problems are solved by simply digitizing.

  1. Duplicated information. Information saturation is frequent, which translates, sometimes, in having the same paper stored in several different places, with the organizational chaos that it entails.
  2. Disorganization, qwhich results in poor management of processes. This is closely related to the loss of files, lack of communication between colleagues and jobs scattered throughout the office.
  3. Data Security. The distrust generated in students and staff not having the documents in good custody (birth certificates, certificate of primary or secondary or middle level, proof of address and in some cases receipt of payment of tuition) is, in many cases, a brake for modernization.
  4. Offices overflowing with documents. Folders, notebooks and mountains of papers can make the office an unpleasant space for employees. Working in a cramped place can negatively affect the processes.
  5. Waste of time. It is estimated that each employee loses an hour each day in the search and management of documents. This means that they stop allocating their efforts and time to other activities specific to the institution.

By digitizing the documents, the following benefits can be obtained almost immediately:

  • 40% reduction of paper files.
  • Null growth of paper files.
  • Immediate document retrieval.
  • Decrease of errors of archiving of documents or files or loss of them.

Scan and Share easily at any time. The extraordinary magic of seeing and sharing any file, including images, videos and PDF, TIFF or JPEG files on any device.

At BUSERDI we guarantee that scanning documents will help eliminate clutter and will give access to all the records and data that are currently stored in physical cabinets, shelves or boxes, which will increase productivity and have the information just a couple of clicks away.

Additionally, the digitization of all that paper can offer at least 8 benefits, which are listed below:

  1. Decrease in the physical storage costs of the documentation.
  2. Decrease in the use of paper and prints.
  3. Elimination of paper documents where conservation is not necessary.
  4. Preservation of long-term documents through backup copies.
  5. Standardization and rationalized ordering of documentation.
  6. Decentralization of information.
  7. Fast and secure access to information.
  8. Avoids loss of relevant documents.

At BUSERDI we offer solutions that complement the digitalization of documents, offering in these the following benefits in the Education Sector:

  1. Image Management Software.
  2. Faster data maintenance.
  3. Security and data protection.
  4. Workflows.
  5. Forms.
  6. Electronic backup of all your files.