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This document highlights the policies on the use of cookies for the operation of BUSERDI S.A. DE C.V., whose legal domicile is located at Belisario Dominguez 155, Del Carmen Coyoacan, 04100, Mexico City, is a Legal Entity, legally constituted in Mexico and holder of Hereinafter, “BUSERDI” constitutes a legally valid agreement and, therefore, will govern as a legal framework between the user and “BUSERDI”. Consequently, if the user occupies “BUSERDI’s” web services through, it means that they have read, understood, accepted and agreed to the Cookie Policy outlined herein.


What are cookies?:

A browser cookie is a file that is downloaded by the user’s device when accessing certain websites to store and retrieve information about the online browsing that is performed on said device. They exert a double function, taking control and recognition of users, and getting information about the user’s browsing habits.

Users may allow, block or delete cookies at any time according to their preference or browsing needs. It is important to note that the cookies installed on the user’s device can be blocked or deleted by configuring the browser options installed on these devices.







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This cookie enables tracking unique visits. This cookie will be installed the first time a user enters the website through a browser. When this user re-enters our page with the same browser, the cookie will consider it to be a visit from the same user. Only if the user enters the website from a different browser, Google Analytics will consider it to be a different user.


This website has external links that refer users to other websites where they could treat data in accordance with other privacy policies. Such is the case with certain social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. In this sense “BUSERDI” will in no case be held responsible for the use that third parties make of such data if the interested party freely decides to provide them.


For improved user experience when visiting, social buttons on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and YouTube have been enabled to allow the user to share with their social circle, contents of their interest or those they consider could be useful for their contacts. In addition, these social buttons avoid the hassle of providing personal data to this website by harnessing the information already shared by the aforementioned social networks, data to which we have no means of access.

What happens if the user disables cookies?:

In case of disabling cookies, browsing our website may not be done under optimal conditions and some available resources may be disabled.