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BUSERDI is a 100% Mexican company

Dedicated to document consultancy, conversion and management, with high-tech infrastructure for the digitization of plans, books and other documents, using specialized high-end scanners, including: orbital scanners (for books), flatbed scanners, and  high-volume capacity with a straight line transport system with bands and aspiration (avoiding the use of rollers), in order to prevent the deterioration of the original physical documents..

We have an installed production capacity to scan over 2,000,000 paper sheets per day..

At BUSERDI we are distributors of different software for Document Management solutions, and we always seek to offer our clients the best and most complete solution to their needs and requirements, creating “tailored solutions” based on their specific needs.


We have experience in the total control of the management and transformation of traditional and electronic archives.

Administrative and organizational decision-making processes have evolved thanks to the use of computer tools, strengthening a safe, truthful and reliable management for, among others, preserving and accelerating queries in information management, leading us to new dynamic structures that overcome the current systems of document securing and preservation.

BUSERDI has committed to stay ahead since January 13, 2004 through quality assurance by obtaining the International ISO 9001: 2008 Certification “Certificate No. ECMX-0972/14 “, based on global standards such as ISAD (G), US DoD 5015.2 and ISO 15489, as well as the MoReq specifications.

  • Automation based on workflow.
  • Intelligible production and Database Control
  • Project and Work order based on validations.
  • Bar Code Printing and recognition.
  • Interpretation of blank sheets.
  • Multiple quality control scenarios.
  • Optical / Intelligent Recognition of Bar Codes, Characters and Marks (BCR / OCR / ICR / OMR)
  • Event registration.
  • Batch management and understandable validation.
  • Production tailored to the needs of the client.
  • Assurance in the handling and conservation of paper.
  • Control and certification of image quality
  • Unparalleled effectiveness, cost and quality.
  • Integration, engineering and consulting.

55 High-Volume Production scanners of up to 300 ppm
10 60 ppm flatbed scanners
2 Scanners for the digitization of checks and bibliographic records

8 orbit scanners for book digitization

4 Scanners for scanning architectural plans
2 Scanner Converters for microfilm digitization

  • Servers for network process control
  • Servers for image storage in Desktop PC
  • Printers
  • Documentation can be active, for conservation or historical
  • Installed Capacity to produce up to 1’000,000 daily images in letter or legal size
  • We have high technology equipment such as scanners with high resolution cameras and an open transport system, avoiding the use rollers to ensure the proper conservation of physical documents.
  • Large Format Documents of up to 50″.
  • We ensure excellent image quality and cleanliness.
  • Color, Bitonal and Grayscale.

We are experts in the implementation of Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM – Enterprise Content Management) in Open Source modalities or under license, providing our customers with tailored solutions and tools that are appropriate to their specific needs.


Description: Annual contract for the comprehensive solution for the allocation of 1,000,000 legal evidences in different procedural stages, including the necessary tools for the implementation of the workflows for registration, judgment and follow-up of legal files and the logistics for safeguarding both physical and electronic documents. Project started in 2016, currently in execution.

Description: 2 annual contracts. Dissemination, digitalization, review of the documentation contained in the files of each of the foreclosed homes of INFONAVIT that are currently under control of recovery suppliers and/or developers for their shipment to the ANEC. Volume of records included in the project: 47,000 credits. Project executed during 2014 to 2016.

Description: Document Digitization and Document Management for the company’s different areas. Safe-keeping, including a volume of approximately 2,500,000 digitized sheets and custody of physical documents. Project started in 2016, currently in execution.

Rectory, Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico City

Description: 4 annual contracts. Digitization of documents required by the Finances General Directorate of UNAM, including 6,358,102 digitized pages. Project started in 2011, currently in execution.

Main Library, Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico City

Description: Digitization and metadata capture of more than 2,000,000 images from 14,000 microfilmed theses. Project executed in the years 2015 and 2016.

Description: Digitization of approximately 916,000 images of accounting documents and claims records, as well as storage and safekeeping of physical files. Project started in October 2014, currently in execution.

Description: Digitization and Indexing of 4,500 student records from the School Services Department. Total volume of approximately 225,000 digitized and indexed sheets. Project executed in the year 2016.

Description 2: Digitization of Payment Receipts corresponding to the years 2011 to 2016 and Indexing of receipts corresponding to the years 2015 and 2016. Volume of digitized payment receipts: 103,200 digitized sheets. Project executed in the years 2016 and 2017.

Description: Digitization of 634,675 Response Sheets and Control Formats of the 2015 PLANEA test (formerly called ENLACE) for the evaluation of the performance of 6th grade and 3rd grade students from all over the country. Project executed from June 16 to 30, 2015

Description: SNTE book digitization for presentation at book fairs

International Book Fair, Guadalajara 2013.

International Book Fair, Guadalajara 2014

Description: Implementation of the documentary organization system for the Aguascalientes Institute of Education, including the Digitization and Classification of 2,133,060 pages corresponding to 21,195 Human Resources files. Project carried out from September to December 2011.

Description: Equipment Rental, Consulting and Advisory for document digitization.

Directorate of Information Technology
Description: Digitization of books, for which they were received, guillotined for scanning in high production scanners and subsequently re-patched.
Project carried out from December 20 to 27, 2010

Description: Contract of Invitation Procedure to at least Three Persons, with ruling issued on June 27, 2006 No. SAE / 1389/2006, regarding capture, digitization and organization services of 400,000 documents. From August 2006 to December 2006.

Description: implementation of an automated process of digitization orders of files, the digitization of a maximum volume of 12,500,000 images, from November 16, 2006 to December 28, 2006.

Description: Order No. 2005002023 regarding the provision of organization services and documentary inventory of the Executive Directorate of Engineering repertory, with the processes of Fumigation, Purging, Cleaning, Document Organization, Indexing and Conservation Diagnosis of 7,200,000 paper sheets in sizes from medium letter to double letter and 505,000 plans from sizes 216 x 280 mm to 864 x 1120 mm. Validity in a maximum of 120 calendar days as of April 26, 2005.

Description: Contract No. 0266/2005 regarding the Professional Services for the Transformation of 450,000 images with capture, indexation and backup, document management licenses for 10 users for a period of 12 months and handling of up to 2,000,000 images. Valid from August 26, 2005 to October 26, 2005.

Commission for the Promotion of Academic Activities
Description: Open Contract No. S.236 / 05 according to the National Public Bid No. 11135002-010 / 05 regarding electronic document storage services for Middle and Upper Level of the School Administration Directorate, for a period of 2 months and  handling up to 2,000,000 images. Validity from November 11 to December 16, 2005.


Project Coordination

Description: digitization and capture of mortgage credit files generated by BBVA Bancomer and HSBC, which was made during 2004.

Description: Contract No. 1131001-0114-04 regarding the advice on the organization of archives, catalogs of documentary disposition and file guides, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Federal Institute of Access to Information and the General Archive of The Nation, as well as the delivery of the workshop-course  “Comprehensive System of INEA Administration of Documents and Archives” from October to December 2004.

Description: digitization of 2,200,000 documents of anti-rabies vaccination receipts from the State of Mexico, during July and August 2002.

Description: digitization of 6,500,000 sheets in six months, for the Ministry of Economy through the Public Registry of Property of Cuernavaca, Morelos, and Civil Registry of Acapulco, Gro., From February 2002 to August 2002.

Description: digitization of 1, 250,000 office documents for one and a half months, in April and May of 2001 and November of 2002.


Description: Digitization of historical judicial records generated by the Electoral Tribunal of Justice, including Documentation Structuring, Analysis, design and Execution of processes of preparation and scanning of 3,500,000 record sheets. Project executed from June to August 2014.

Description: Digitalization of Bank White Papers, including the digitization of file sheets contained in portfolios and delivery of a software to visualize the images produced by the digitization process:

BANCO UNIÓN, S.A., I.B.M., in Settlement Expediting: 479,782 pages of files.

BANCA CREMI, S.A., I.B.M., in Settlement Expediting: 372,256 pages of files.

BANCO OBRERO, S.A., I.B.M., in Settlement Expediting:509 pages of files.

BANCO DE ORIENTE, S.A., I.B.M., in Settlement Expediting: 203,562 pages of files.

BANCO INTERESTATAL, S.A., I.B.M., in Settlement Expediting: 119,092 pages of files.

BANCO CAPITAL, S.A., I.B.M., in Settlement Expediting: 118,130 pages of files.

Project executed during the years 2011 to 2015.

Description: Organization, filtering, scanning and capture of files related to the IPAB. From August 2006 to December 2006.

Description: Preparation, digitization and capture of 140,000 records sheets.
Project executed in July 2014

Directory of the National Registry of Foreigners.

Migratory File of the Coordination of Immigration Regulation.

Description: Digitization of the National Immigration File, National Public Bidding Project No. 04111002-013-10, including the implementation of the daily archiving and digitization service of migratory, basic and personnel glosses and files as well as the control and verification of migratory files in main delegations and sub-delegations of the institute at a national level, for the 2009-2012 exercises. Maximum number of scanned files: 1,320,000. Project carried out from September 1, 2010 to October 31, 2012.

Description: Digitization of the National Migratory File, National Public Bidding Project No. 04111002-003-08, from March to December 2008 with an approximate of 1,300,000 migratory records and approximately 270,000,000 digitized images. Project executed from April to December 2008.

Description: Digitization of the National Migratory File, project of National Public Bid No. 041111002-022-05, with a duration of 12 months from January 2006 and with an approximate of 916,000 migratory files, with an approximate of 80,000,000 images. Project completed in December 2006.

Description: Multi-year contract No. CS / INM / 044/2003 regarding the provision of services for the expungement, digitization and indexing of 750,000 (93,750,625 sheets) of immigration records, and another multi-year contract No. CS / INM / 043/2003 for the digitization and indexing of 486,000 migratory forms FM1. Project carried out at the National Institute for Migration. Project executed in the years 2003 and 2004.

Description: Digitization and Classification of 257,508 pages of files belonging to permit holders in the General Office of Public Shows and Raffles. Project carried out from July to September of 2012.

Directorate of Information and Documentation Services.

Description: 3 consecutive contracts. Digitization and Structuring of project files. Proactive Transparency and Review Resources with the delivery of images with protected personal information for publication on the Internet. More than 800,000 pages. Project executed in the years 2011 and 2012.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, C.A.

Description: Hiring of Professional Organization Services, Digitalization, Capture,

Debugging, Automation, Systematization of Files and Databases of Payroll and Affiliation Cards of the IHSS Individual Account. Number of digitized sheets: 35,520,186, with a project validity of 3.5 years from January 2011.

Description: Digitization of 511,000 images contained in 55,546 Official Gazettes of the Federation within 61 years.

Project carried out from December 13, 2010 to January 31, 2011.

Description: Digitization of 437,492 images contained in 904 books, which were broken down for digitization and re-built after the process.

Project carried out from September to November 2010.

Avenida Universidad Management Office.

Description: Digitization of 8,900 images contained in 189 Work Log books.

Project carried out in November 2010.

Gregorio and Marta Selser Historical Archive.

Description: Digitization, Organization and Capture of 2,305,232 historical documents, newspaper cuttings that went from three centimeters in size to double letter, telegrams, magazines, letters, photographs and negative films, carrying out the Implementation of the ECM Alfresco Software.

November 08 to August 09

IT Management


Descripción: Digitalización de 250,000 imágenes de Libros Mayores.

Description: Digitization of 250,000 images of Ledger Books.
Most of the books measure 88 x 54 cm. They consist of an average of 500 pages, a project carried out with high resolution digital camera scanners.

Corporate Management of the University of London

Description: Digitization, Organization and Capture of 400 Books, in Bitonal format at 200 DPI, in PDF with OCR application.

Innovation and Improvement Area

Description: Open contracting of the document scanning service and integration to the Documentum content management system, with a minimum volume of 280,000 sheets and a maximum of 700,000 sheets. Dec 2008.

Description: Contract no. DRMS153-06 for the provision of document scanning services and integration to the content management system, for a minimum volume of 800,000 sheets and a maximum of 1,200,000 sheets. From August 7, 2006 to December 31, 2006.

General Directorate of Information Technology

Description: Contract No. RF-086-2008, for contracting the Document Digitization Service of the Office of the Secretary of the STPS, for a maximum volume of 500,000 documents, Dec 2008.

Description: Alliance in digitization projects and document capture. Document digitization for Ferromex (invoices) was worked on in March 2002, with Avantel (accounting books) in June 2003 and June 2005 until April 2006.

Description: filtering, archive classification and generation of electronic files of a minimum volume of 2,400,000 and a maximum of 6,000,000 documents, approximately 600,000 files corresponding to the justification and / or verification records of public expenses of the Secretariat. Contract No. 024/2006 from June 8 to August 6, 2006.

Description: Sale of high-volume production scanners for a digitization project for the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, as well as technical support from March of 2002 to September of 2003.

Description: digitization of 6,500,000 sheets in six months, for a digitization service for the Ministry of Economy through the Public Registry of Commerce of the states of Coahuila and Yucatan, from February 2002 to August 2002.

Description: training and sale of a complete package of Compulink Management Center (LaserFiche for NT Enterprise Edition) Multiple Database, for 50 users in production, with maintenance for one year and right to new versions for one year. From December 2001 to December 2002.

Description: digitization of 137,690 plans, contract No. SS-147/2001 in October 2001.

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