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Transport & Logistics | The Power of Documents

Simple and Easy Document Control.

The logistics and distribution within the supply chain coordinates different processes that are carried out in the commercial relations with partners: production, storage, distribution and transport, as well as everything related to Government.


At BUSERDI we help to comply with the Legislation and Regulations in the Single Counter (VUCEM), digitizing any of the documents requested, as well as delivery notes, orders, etc.


Importer and Exporter Authorizations.
Authorizations of service providers.
Proof of Electronic Value.
Registration of the Harmonized Alphanumeric Carrier Code.
Foreign trade records.


Certificates of origin.
Import and export permits.
Import and export quotas.

To name a few.

Each of the dependencies involved is listed below:

General Administration of Customs.
Ministry of Economy.
Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks.
Secretary of National Defense.
National Service for Agri-food Health, Safety and Quality.
National Commission on Nuclear Safety and Safeguards.
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

Scan and Share easily at any time. The extraordinary magic of seeing and sharing any file, including images, videos and PDF, TIFF or JPEG files on any device.

At BUSERDI  we guarantee that scanning documents will help eliminate clutter and will give access to all the records and data that are currently stored in physical cabinets, shelves or boxes, which will increase productivity and have the information just a couple of clicks away.

Additionally, the digitization of all that paper can offer at least 8 benefits, which are listed below:

  1. Decrease in the physical storage costs of the documentation.
  2. Decrease in the use of paper and prints.
  3. Elimination of paper documents where conservation is not necessary.
  4. Preservation of long-term documents through backup copies.
  5. Standardization and rationalized ordering of documentation.
  6. Decentralization of information.
  7. Fast and secure access to information.
  8. Avoids loss of relevant documents.

At BUSERDI we offer solutions that complement the digitalization of documents, offering in these the following benefits in Logistics:

  1. Image Management Software.
  2. Faster data maintenance.
  3. Security and data protection.
  4. Workflows.
  5. Forms.
  6. Electronic backup of all your files.