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Health and hospitality | The Power of Documents

Solutions for the Health and Hospitals sector.

Health and hospitality In Mexico, the health system decided to provide service to 50 million Mexicans, according to figures from the OCDE. This means that, for each of these patients, there is a record with their data and their information as a patient. It is difficult to imagine that amount of paper gathered in the same place, however, it exists.

Health institutions not only face an increasing number of paper records, but also the need to work efficiently due to the number of people who require medical attention, especially in public health systems. In Mexico and Latin America, we are familiar with this context.

The Digitalization of Documents in Health Institutions

The procedures and the excessive paperwork that are required for the registration of a patient in a hospital institution can become exhausting, both for the patient and for the person performing the registration.

These bureaucratic problems can be eliminated if health institutions or private hospitals adopt the practice of digitizing all the information that is received, obtaining great benefits by digitizing all the administrative information, contracts, promissory notes, credentials, medical and insurance data, and forms. Previously used payment systems are backed up in the patient’s file, allowing availability and accessibility of information quickly, being able to verify and / or update at the time of the last transaction.

Doctors, when examining patient, need their clinical file. This can be obtained with just a couple of clicks. To avoid the human errors that occur when using such information, it is necessary to capture the clinical history of a person under the best practices.

Why digitize clinical records?

Questions such as:

How much is the cost per year in buying hundreds of folders to archive the documents? how much in photocopies? how much time is invested in managing the information of patients?

Some advantages offered by digitization:
  1. Clinical records and other personal data are something that must be guarded with great care. The digitization will help to preserve patient information for a long time by storing it in the cloud or its own infrastructure and with access at any time.
  2. All patient documentation will be more secure in digital formats, either on mobile devices or desktop computers. And the best thing is that it can be accessed at any time, through any device.
  3. Share documents quickly and securely using online services such as social networks, email or other storage tools such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  4. Another advantage of online documents is that they can be modified to other formats according to your needs. Some examples are the .doc .pdf or txt formats.
  5. When scanning documents, the costs of sending documents and security problems will decrease.
  6. If a paper copy is required, the digital documents can be printed at any time.
  7. The same digital document can be consulted at the same time by many people, no matter where in the world they may be.

The history of a patient can be kept in a physical file, but this entails different costs, such as:

  1. Physical space and infrastructure.
  2. Investment in staff for managing the physical file.
  3. Maintenance of the necessary temperature and conditions in order to avoid the deterioration of such files: airtight file cabinets with humidity control.

Security devices and infrastructure allow to restrict queries in order to maintain information integrity: more investment is required in technology for the control of privileges and identity to have access to physical files.

Digital documents, emails and other recognition devices allow the company to reduce costs of storing and retrieving documents, information screening, ink, paper, and devices such as copiers, as well as other costs related to these tasks.

Scan and Share easily at any time. The extraordinary magic of seeing and sharing any file, including images, videos and PDF, TIFF or JPEG files on any device.

At BUSERDI we guarantee that scanning documents will help eliminate clutter and will give access to all the records and data that are currently stored in physical cabinets, shelves or boxes, which will increase productivity and have the information just a couple of clicks away.

Additionally, the digitization of all that paper can offer at least 8 benefits, which are listed below:

  1. Decrease in the physical storage costs of the documentation.
  2. Decrease in the use of paper and prints.
  3. Elimination of paper documents where conservation is not necessary.
  4. Preservation of long-term documents through backup copies.
  5. Standardization and rationalized ordering of documentation.
  6. Decentralization of information.
  7. Fast and secure access to information.
  8. Avoids loss of relevant documents.

At BUSERDI we offer solutions that complement the digitalization of documents, offering in these the following benefits in Health and Hospitality:

  1. Image Management Software.
  2. Faster data maintenance.
  3. Security and data protection.
  4. Workflows.
  5. Forms.
  6. Electronic backup of all your files.